60w led street light AD-LD-60W


60W LED LED Street light Data Sheet Model: AD-LD-60W Features: 0/1-10V dimming, photo cell control, Timer dimming, programmable Surge protection: 10KV, MAX 20KV TABLE OF CONTENTS 1, Overview 2, Specification 3, the main performance parameters 4, use and installation 5, transport storage...

Product Details

60W LED LED Street light Data Sheet
Model: AD-LD-60W
Features: 0/1-10V dimming, photo cell control, Timer dimming, programmable

Surge protection: 10KV, MAX 20KV

1, Overview
2, Specification
3, the main performance parameters
4, use and installation
5, transport storage requirements
6, Notes
7, security warning
8, the product usage

Remarks: We can also provide semi assembled components:
LED Street light housing
AC 85-265V LED Power Supply,20KV Surge Protection Device
Photocell control switch
0-10V dimmable AC 85-265V LED Power Supply
timer dimming AC 85-265V / DC 24V LED Power Supply
Programmable AC 85-265V / DC 24V LED Power Supply
DC 24V LED driver
high power led
Provide technical instruction for assemble a LED street light

1 Overview

60W LED street light use 60 PCS 1W LED as light source, the internal work for the constant current source power supply, external wide voltage input (AC85-277V) of the new energy-saving lamps, LED resulting spectrum, there is no ultraviolet, infrared, heat and radiation, is a typical green lighting. With good light and dust and water resistance, light itself has a good self-cleaning, a safe, reliable, low power consumption, long service life.
Reasonable structure, beautiful shape, heat resistance, good sealing performance.
High luminous efficiency, visual fidelity, flicker-free, eyes and skin without any harm, safe.
Selection of new LED light source and equipped with a specially designed light distribution system. Light Source 50,000 hours of continuous use, more than 10 years service life, life without changing light.
Under the same illumination than the high-pressure sodium lamps save 60%, 80% more than incandescent.
The light installation flexibility.
Pollution-free energy-saving environmental protection, high stability. LED environmental pollution, the use of high stability, to achieve a true sense of the green lighting.

Housing Material Description

1, structural material
Lamp parts made of aluminum alloy die-casting, high quality glass lenz with good light and dust-proof and waterproof, sealed firmware to enhance security and reliability of the lamp.
2, surface treatment
Use environmentally friendly powder coating, so that light itself has a good self-cleaning
Application Scope:
City roads, residential areas, industrial areas, sidewalks, parks, schools, villas, gardens and other places lighting.

2, Specification
The lamp uses Bridgelux high power LED chip as the light source, coupled with high efficiency AC / DC switching power supplies and DC / DC current drive power, the power efficiency up to 90%, constant current drive power efficiency up to 95%.
3, the main performance parameters

LED street light basic parameters as follows:

LED Parameters









Rated Current



1.8 A

Rated Voltage



36 V

Warm white CCT


3200 K

3900 K

Pure White CCT


5500 K

6000 K

Cool White CCT


6500 K

7000 K

Normal Working

Junction Temp


85 ℃

105 ℃

LED Qty of Chips




LED luminousEfficiency




LED Chip Brand


Fixture Technical Parameter

Input Voltage

AC85-265V 50-60Hz

LED Working Voltage


The qty of led

60 pc

Led Consumption


Fixture consumption


Fixture efficiency

124.51 Lm /W



Power Efficiency

>91 %

Average Illuminance


32.44,60.95lx(Area diameter 1159.72cm)


24.83,46.67lx(Area diameter 1325.40cm)


19.62,36.87lx(Area diameter 1491.07cm)


15.89,29.87lx(Area diameter 1656.75cm)

Luminance Uniformity


Color Temperature

Detail information refer to above LED parameters table

Color Rendering Index


Light Distribution

symmetric expression / circular light spot

Light Design

LED +The reflectors second light distribution

LED Junction Temperature


Working Temperature

-40℃ ~ +55℃

Storage Temperature

-25℃ ~ +65℃(25℃ best)

IP Grade


Net weight


Working Life-span


Power line

0.75mm2 3 wire cable

Connect wire







The color of the lamp shell

black & White



******Note:Different color temperature of the LED optical property have deviation value≤5%******

Meridional plane with light curve

Conical surface light intensity distribution curve at maximum light intensity

Street Light Isocandela Fig.

Street Light Utilization factor curve and plane isolux curve

Plane absolute isolux curve

Street light Isocandela curve

Surface Illuminance Curve

4, use and installation
This product is suitable for industrial AC power supply network, using the ambient temperature range is -30 ℃ ~ 55 ℃.
Installation of cable at the first street light take a length of 15-18 meters of cable wire (the actual length of the street lights installed at the height may be), cable specification: 3 * 1 m (squared), the skin black, diameter 8mm, cable outlet connection required (with wiring label). Check and correct, power, lights to work.

5, transport, storage requirements
Lights in paper bag (internal plus foam) during transport is not allowed by severe mechanical shock and exposure to rain, not upside down to prevent throwing throwing, rolling, weight.
Lights should be stored in a cool, dry, clean environment, the storage temperature is -10 ℃ ~ 85 ℃.
6 Notes
Before use read the instructions to avoid accidents and damage.
This product is maintenance-free products, generally does not require maintenance. For repairs, please contact us.
Lights should be carefully checked before use, use if unusual phenomena, please contact us.
Use, the light surface of a certain temperature is normal.
7 security warning
Installation must ensure that the lamp is intact before installation.
Do not exert force on the street or throw throw.
Lights installed prior to use should be stored in a cool, dry, clean environment, water or fire ban in place.

8, the product state
1, in normal conditions, the product warranty for two years, according to the date of the factory, the warranty period, the product fails, the test is the quality of the company, their products will get in for free maintenance.
2, the following circumstances, not within the warranty:
(1) does not require the use of damage according to the instructions of the product;
(2) user-dismantled the internal parts to damage product situation;
(3) serious damage to the product shape or deformation of the case;
(4) products on the date of manufacture or body serial number erased or altered circumstances;
3, the company shipped the product's maximum liability is the replacement of the same type and quantity of the product.

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