Difference between LED flood lights and floodlights where

- Jun 04, 2015-

First, what is the LED spot light lamp?

LED flood light (LEDDownlight) also known as Spotlight, spotlight, spotlight, and so on, mainly used for architectural lighting purposes, as well as commercial space lighting, decorative composition, type circle and square, because generally need to consider causes of heat, so its shape with traditional floodlights there is some difference.

Second, LED flood light features:

Currently available LED flood light is basically a selection of 1W high power LED (each LED components with a high efficiency lenses made from PMMA, its main function is quadratic assignment LED light, or secondary optics), there are a few companies for good heat dissipation technology, rather than a 3W high power LED. Suitable for large spot light/lighting, buildings such as lighting.

Spotlight what to be aware of things?

1, high-purity aluminum reflector and most precise beam, reflectance works best.

2, symmetrical narrow-angle, wide angle and non-symmetrical light distribution system.

3, behind the open? replacement lamp, easy to maintain.

4, lamps were attached to the index plate to adjust the angle.

LED flood light with built-in microchip controlled in small project application, controller-free use, can achieve gradients, jumps, color flashing, alternating random Flash, gradients, and other dynamic effects can also be controlled by DMX, pursuit, scanning, and other effects. At present, its main application areas are about: architecture,?, history of external walls of buildings inside the lighting, outside lighting, interior lighting, landscape lighting, billboards lighting, medical and cultural special facilities such as lighting, bars, nightclubs and other entertainment venues mood lighting, and so on.

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