LED energy saving reform of street lighting is available for road projects?

- Jun 04, 2015-

LED street light is unidirectional, without diffusion, so the light efficiency is improved, in addition to using quadratic optical design to facilitate energy conservation, overall efficiency, and also did well on the light color, stronger than the effect of high pressure sodium lamp. Furthermore the most important point is one year less than 3% of light attenuation, for overall efficiency of LED street lamps has a great deal of help, supplemented by automatic energy-saving devices you can better play its role. LED street lamps will be more and more common, use LED lights for the national energy supply and demand contradiction also has a small effect, especially for public works as a whole, to choose a good LED lights for saving costs and optimize efficiency there is a great deal of help.

LED street lighting can achieve to meet lighting requirements at different times of the maximum possible reduction under power, energy-saving device of automatic control and save energy. National new highway lighting using LED lights, and before the construction of the old street lamp is being LED street lamps replaced. LED high efficiency energy-saving environmental protection, making it more and more wide application range.

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