LED flood light source value advantage

- Jun 04, 2015-

LED flood lights are widely used in advertising, architectural floodlighting, tennis court, car park, indoor recreation centres and terminals and other places. LED flood light of the advantages are clear, more loved by consumers, was first applied to work for lighting, home lighting, large shopping mall, supermarket lighting and factory lighting, space General, LED ceiling light housing should firstly be taken into account in the practical application of use.

LED flood light adaptability. LED tube lights do not exist to launch time of doubt, power works immediately, without having to wait for a long time. Light source color is good, close to the natural light, equipment easy to activate, any angle adjustable, versatile, using broad, light problems is the only standard LED ceiling light shell.

LED flood light source color-rendering index higher. GB requirements for color rendering index of this interval is Ra=60,LED color-rendering index of the light source is usually higher than that of traditional light sources. In the level, LED down light's color rendering index reached 70 to 85.

LED flood lights starting performance, convenient and reliable, as long as the reference time of millisecond, would reach the total luminous flux output.

LED flood light fibrillation resistance and weather resistance excellent, long service life and material selection can improve stability of LED ceiling light shell.

Repairable rational high LED flood light, LED light source can be composed of multiple sets of LED modules, LED recessed LED downlight or by Group module, non-disturbing, maintenance easy. Power source independent project, damage simply by changing the question, a single damaged will not affect normal lighting had a big attack, without the whole lamp replaced.

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