LED highbay made with aluminum plate lamp shades

- Jun 04, 2015-

LED high Bay because of the greater power, cooling difficulties, for cooling directly determines the product life, product life is related to the company's reputation, good things do not go out, bad news travels, if sold to a customer LED highbay large area inside a short-lived phenomenon, than will be the Lake laughing and bad reputation was quickly sent to thousands of miles.

LED highbay now spend a lot of cost on top of the heat sink, but was ineffective, and the large size and weight, the appearance of ugly, if you can heat to part shade will not only reduce the cost and weight, you can increase the cooling effect.

To good use shades to heat from LED chip to shade issues must be addressed, heat transfer interface must be less resistance from small. Taking into account the COB's cost advantage, LED highbay COB aluminum base plate can be used in the future in the form of aluminum substrate directly as a LED mine lamp shade, heat transfer interface is a way of at least, and isolated power supply, safety is also easy to pass, because even if the current breakdown of packaging adhesive, is also less than 36V current.

LED mining lamp of customer is factory, factory customer and private customer has is big of difference, factory customer for price of endurance more strong, also has must of technicians, on technology of understand also more, if wants to flickers is more difficult, must proposed a is science principle of programme to, to was factory by accept, and on factory for, as long as LED lamp products of quality life and the energy-saving efficiency enough good, price can appropriate improve is. For private users, nor did he detection methods to determine the quality of the product, it is impossible to investgate LED lights, are hard to judge, just not vote, only cheaper, Taobao selling fakes.

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