LED lighting industry how to do app

- Jun 04, 2015-

With the wide application of the Internet, more and more LED lighting manufacturers find it difficult to do business, and the rise of e-commerce, new media, but many manufacturers at a loss. If you ask one of the most popular social media, then there is no doubt that is the app, so many LED lighting manufacturers have invested in micro-marketing, but achieved results but never could get satisfaction. New media industry gives the following points:

First, need to apply for a few

Service number? Enterprise? Personal number? Many companies register several more, watermelon Sesame grab, but did not do well. If it is a medium-scale enterprises, doing a service number is the best choice. Subscription number is harder than services to big, not everyone can use the subscription number from the media. According to their own business and their own strength to choose, I believe is the most suitable for their correct and do more than make sperm.

B + friends + micro letters, public, group, formation of micro-matrix

Micro letter, public establishment, used to promote the brand image and brand information. Micro-viscosity of the letter public, but not enough to improve the viscosity but also with the micro-circle of friends to do it. Micro letter public, after attracting customers to your circle of friends, regularly publish corporate information. Circle of friends after the number reaches a certain level, you can add them to the group, awareness-raising and training on a regular basis, so you can turn fans into customers.

Micro-limit the number of friends was asked to do? There is one simple way, each number increases to about 4000 people, then opened the second number, copy avatar and nickname, and then synchronize your circle of friends, this may be a matrix. For each circle, can be synchronized with multiple.

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