Discussion On The High-power LED Tunnel Lights

- Jun 04, 2015-

Feature comparison of conventional tunnel lamps and LED tunnel light choice

Currently tunnel lighting most is used high pressure sodium as light, but high pressure sodium in radiation form, and explicit color sex, and Visual sensitive characteristics, and power specifications, and brightness control, aspects are exists many insufficient, and emerging of LED tunnel lighting lamps to its excellent of performance, especially brightness of can control sex, overcome has high pressure sodium of many insufficient, is became today world tunnel lighting of mainstream lamps. State also introduced "ten cities" semiconductor lighting project of new initiatives, for the development of LED tunnel light has brought unprecedented opportunities.

LED (LightEmittingDiode) light emitting diode, is a semiconductor light emitting technology. First the LED can emit a red light, LEDs used in electronic equipment. With the development of technology, LED lamps can emit different colors of light, and is widely used in many industries, the main application market includes the traditional display of signals and market, backlight market, street lighting, tunnel lighting, automotive lighting market, outdoor landscape lighting and interior lighting market, special lighting market. LED tunnel light source has its own unique advantages.

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