LED Energy-saving Design And Will Dominate The Future Market

- Jun 04, 2015-

Energy-saving, environmental protection and these words appeared in the society and the world, the way people live on, produces some change of concept of life, and LED in the industrial development in recent years, energy-saving LED industry will also become top priority.

This is an energy-saving, environmentally-friendly era, further energy-saving LED display again the Chase became the industry's strong point.

Recently appeared on the market a few energy-saving LED display, these energy-saving LED display will really do, then how to design energy-efficient LED display it? let us analyze how energy-efficient display design.

First, from power power view, if to will 5V drop for 4V, so, xiaojite are to pressure drop in output voltage Shang by accounted for of share can set to increased, this also let switch of power output of voltage with of reduced, for rectifier Schottky are to voltage share more high (its share X=V pressure drop/V output, output from 5V drop for 4V, joined its pressure drop for 0.5V, is its share will from 0.1 rose for 0.125, improve 25%), power output efficiency on more low, This LED screen on the overall energy efficiency is not so obvious. So using this design principle is clearly is unable to achieve productivity improvements. Meanwhile, 5V is the nominal voltage, use in the market is quite mature, and if a new power supply voltage is enabled, reduced efficiency, increased costs, but is difficult to obtain guarantees on the quality, so it is difficult to achieve such a practice.

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