LED Energy-saving Lamp Of Core Components And Assembly Process

- Jun 04, 2015-

Section focuses on energy-saving LED lights and LED corn light core components and Assembly processes, aiming at the market common RC buck drives a one LED to in-depth to explore energy-saving lamps.

1, first understand the theoretical basis of LED lamps work. LED energy-saving lamp now market Shang main circulation of is divided into two species, first species is small power straight plug type lamp beads, with traditional of resistance capacity buck circuit drive of LED light (for example LED corn lamp compared common of), drive of of work principle information online many, you in Baidu search "resistance capacity buck power circuit" on can found has, this drive volume uneven, advantages and disadvantages the mixed, if 230V entered of, 2.5W general type LED energy-saving lamp of, using 3014 lamp beads with of reflection cover lamp. Through the CE certification, sales-oriented Europe, cost mainly led and enclosure you, drive a few cents to 1 dollar. Addition is the use of power IC chips, mainly of constant current or constant voltage, but most of all is to use a constant current, easy to do, but as far as I know, constant voltage or constant current of difference, but more difficult to debug. Working principle of AC input is transformed, final output stable DC outputs to drive the LED. Another is with Designer LED energy-saving lamps, using constant current driver, like energy-saving LED lights, use the aluminum plate and sticker sheet, SNYFQ a penny on the market this brand of LED lamps (cable and optical products) is to use the aluminum plate and chip production technology, this article does not make an in-depth, another fine solution. Understanding which will further the following points.

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