Led Street Light Heat Things

- Jun 04, 2015-

Thermal design problems that may exist in:

1. cooling fin area of casual settings.

2. the arrangement of cooling fins unreasonable sports flooring, lighting arrangement of fins did not take into account the use of lamps, influence the fin effect play.

3. emphasis on convection heat transfer links, ignored links, though many manufacturers consider a variety of measures: tube, loop heat pipe, and thermal conductivity of silicone grease, and so on, did not know the heat is ultimately dependent on the appearance of lamps area.

4. ignore the balance of heat, if uneven temperature distribution of the fin, will result in part of the fin (temperature lower part) has no role or role is limited.

Now LED Street lamp cooling technology, generally use heat conducting plate badminton flooring, is a 5mm thick copper plate, is actually average temperature, temperature heat off; and the installation of the heatsink to heat, but was too large. Weight on the street lighting system is very important, because Street 9 meters high, risk increases if too heavy, especially during typhoons, earthquakes can lead to accidents. Perhaps, LED after the area of wide entering the Streetlight in the future might formed modular heat sink will better address LED lamp cooling conditions. Therefore, to ensure effective use of high-power LED normal, heat dissipation is first of all crucial problems to be solved.

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