LED Streetlights And Traditional Street Lamps

- Jun 04, 2015-

Comparison, LED lights and traditional street lamps

Assumed a city has three paragraph road length respectively for 3 km, and 5 km, and 10 km, laying Street to each across 30.1-meter lamp, each side a lamp calculation, this three paragraph road by needed of street total respectively for 202 lamp, and 33 lamp, and 66 lamp, and traditional street to power for 250W of high pressure sodium for associate, LED Street to power for 50W for associate for compared!www.6366msc.com

Traditional lamp unit price 1000 Yuan/lamp, LED lamp is priced at 3000/light, laying traditional lamp light cost to three lengths of roads are as follows: 202*100=20200 Yuan, 333*1000=333000 Yuan, 666*1000=66600 Yuan, laying LED Street lamp light cost to three lengths of roads are: 202*300=606000,33*300=99900,66*2 00 = 1998000

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